Day 56 (May 16th) – 16.3 miles to Trimpi Shelter. Good day today! Though hot and sunny, we were sheltered by branches for most of the day. Saw a garter snake, but smaller than the first one we saw before. Tomorrow just 10 miles to Marion, where we’ll do a “nero” (near zero miles, but not quite. Whoever thought I’d say 10 miles was almost zero miles?!). We’ll resupply, shower and do laundry and then head back out the next morning. 

Day 57 (May 17th) – 10.0 miles Nero to Marion. This “little 10 mile day” was harder the. We thought! Hot day and lots of uphill! Got the Marion Transit to town for 50 cents each and we are showers and going to eat and resupply next. Will head back out to trail tomorrow morning. 

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