Hi guys!  I’ve done a Youtube video on my gear list, but here is the written  list and itemized list – for any of you who want the specifics. Video is posted again at the end. Let me know any questions or feedback in the comments!

THE BIG 3 (shelter, sleeping bag, back pack):





  • Sunglasses (have had forever, polarized from Sam’s Club)
  • Reading glasses
  • Bandana (pee rag)
  • RunninGluv (thank you, Caryn!)
  • Pocket knife (thank you, Martina!)
  • 911 mini air horn
  • small brush
  • toothbrush, paste
  • TP kit (TP, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tampons)
  • First aid (bandaids, vitamin I [ibuprofen], neosporin, leukotape, Benadryl))
  • Toiletires (baby powder, Vaseline, nail clippers, carmex, small mirror, tweezers, razor)
  • Miscl: sleep pad repair kit, hand warmers, bunions sleeve, morton’s neuroma pad
  • Daypack – Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Daypack
  • Small notebook & pen
  • (Guidebook – carried by Greg, The A.T. Guide Northbound 2017)

And here is my video I did for my gear review:

My base weight (everything except food, water and fuel) comes in at 15.8 pounds, which I would like to be a bit lighter, but I’m very happy with this weight.

Next up:  I’ll be doing a video on a sample food supply for 4 1/2 days. Stay tuned! — Jen

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