Hi guys!  I’ve done a Youtube video on my post trail thru-hike gear list (I actually did it while we were on the trail, but towards the end of our journey).  Here is the written and itemized list – for any of you who want the specifics. Video is posted again at the end. My pack weight was 27 pounds (which included 4 days of food and 2 liters of water).

Items that Sunsets carried are in RED.

THE BIG 3 (shelter, sleeping bag, back pack):



  • Spork – Sea to Summit Long Handle Titanium
  • Shamwow
  • Water Bladder – Evernew 2 L
  • Water Filter and water scoop (half of sawyer plastic bag) – Sawyer Squeeze. See this for detailed information on how the Sawyer Squeeze works.
  • (NOTE: sent out cook stove MSR Pocket Rocket, cook-pots and bic lighter home about half way through our hike. This was just our personal preference. We found that we were both too tired and lazy at the end of hiking all day to cook – get out all the supplies, boil the water, wait for the rice to cook). Plus it was summer and the last thing we wanted to do was eat a hot meal. We found ourselves snacking at night more than cooking. We also knew we could hang the bear bag quicker and then be done with our duties sooner for the night. After we sent it home, we didn’t miss it at all, and then our packs were so much lighter! Win/win!)



And here’s my video so you can actually SEE my thru-hike gear list  🙂

If you are interested in my PRE-HIKE gear list, check it out here.SaveSaveSaveSave


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